Friday, August 10, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey By: E.L. James


I've been wanting to do a review on this book for quite a while now and haven't really had the courage to do so knowing how people either love or hate this book. To be honest with you, I rather enjoyed the entire trilogy. Now I'm not saying that E.L. James is the best writer out there but she can definitely make up a good story. When I first heard about this book I was completely put off by it. When my friends and I decided that we all wanted to order it and give it a shot, I wasn't expecting much out of it. 

As soon as I began reading Fifty Shades, however, I was enthralled. Not because of the amount of sexual activity because to be honest with you, there really isn't that much. I've heard this book referenced as "Mommy Porn" but reading it, I just didn't get it. I wouldn't even consider this book a BDSM book. It's kind of like, he's into it and she's not so their difficulty is finding a happy medium. Yes, this book is very erotic but to me, it's for different reasons. The sex scenes are very interesting and hot, but to me, the scenes where Christian Grey looks at her like he wants to devour her and the way they talk to and treat each other is more appealing to me. I love their playfulness and their chemistry. It was definitely a fun read. Most of you reading this already have a pretty good idea on what this book is about but just in case you don't, here is a quick synopsis:

Basically, college student Anastasia Steele goes to interview 27 year old multi-billionaire, Christian Grey, in her sick roommate's stead. Well, as soon as she makes it into his office, she trips. He tends to remind her of that a few times in the trilogy. After this meeting, Ana cannot get Christian out of her mind. He shows up at her work because he was just "in town" and eventually, he manages to get her out on a date. Not too long after, she finds out that he is interested in a relationship where he is her dominant and she is his submissive. Now, not only is this a frightening/new concept for Anastasia but she isn't very experienced as far as a sexual relationship goes. So this is all new to her. Christian gives Ana a contract to look over, a set of rules to make sure she follows, and some time to negotiate what she can and cannot do. However, during the time, Ana starts to develop feelings for Mr. Grey and she's on an emotional roller-coaster because she isn't quite sure if he feels the same way. 

I read the book in one sitting. I honestly couldn't put it down. Not because of the "smut" but because I enjoyed watching their relationship grow. Again, it's not the best written book but it was enjoyable for me to read. To me, this book isn't something I would suggest if you want a serious well written book that will kind of make you concentrate and think. If you want that, I'd suggest you pick up Pride and Prejudice. But this book is definitely a fun read.

Laters, baby.

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